The Net4Care platform provides the ability to quickly create quality tele-health applications interfacing with HL7/PHMR and IHE/XDS. Net4Care features a modular server and client and aims at providing support for a telemedicine software ecosystem.

A typical deployment scenario is a tele-monitoring scenario in which Net4Care clients are deployed in private homes. Medical devices then connect to these clients and transmit their observations to a Net4Care server. In turn the Net4Care server creates valid clinical HL7/PHMR documents, stores them in a national IHE/XDS repository, that in turn enables general practitioners and clinical staff to view observations.

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The development of the Net4Care platform was originally funded by The Central Denmark Region and EU via Caretech Innovation, where the main contributers were Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University, and The Alexandra Institute.

The Net4Care platform now constitutes the development platform in the performance contract Denmark - a pioneer in telemedicine (in Danish: resultatkontrakten Danmark som telemedicinsk foregangsland). The current main contributers are The Alexandra Institute and Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University