Unit, Integration, and System tests

The framework contains tests at both unit-, integration-, and system level.

Unit tests

The bundle n4c_test contains a large number of unit tests that validate the behaviour of much of the individual units of the system. Most are automated tests that are part of the "mvn test" life-cycle.

The special package org.net4care.scenario contains a small set of tests that are also learning tests that demonstrate how to configure test doubles so full end-to-end tests can be performed (upload of observations and query of the same) in a simulated environment.

Integration tests (Automatic)

The package org.net4care.integration contains test cases that assume a Net4Care server is running on port 8082 on localhost. These test cases are marked by


These test cases are not run as part of the usual maven life-cycle, rather you have to tell maven to run them:

  mvn -P ci install

Integration tests (Manual)

Client side

For manual testing in various scenarios we have developed a home client test application (org.net4care.demo.ManualServerTest) that facilitate a larger set of test cases than the demonstrator programs do.

The client allows contacting various servers, uploading spirometry data, and making queries based upon time interval, and finally validating the output format: JSON, PHMR, or using the graph plotting facilities.

Server side

To ease configuring the server side we have developed a non OSGi based server (org.net4care.main.ServerMain) which takes a number of parameters, where the first is mandatory. Valid parameter values of the first paremeter are: "fast", "sql", or "xds". This defines which implementation of the XDS interface is used. "fast" is a in-memory, non-persistent, data tier. "sql" is a persistent SQLite based data tier (the default of the OSGi based server), and finally "xds" connects via an adapter to a Microsoft open source XDS implementation running on n4cxds.nfit.au.dk. This machine is behind the campus firewall thus if you want to experiment, you have to pass in the /xdsHostname argument. Run the server without arguments to see the list of options.


For windows there are .bat scripts in n4c_test to start both home client as well as server. Please review "run-manual-test.bat" and "run-server.bat".

System tests

The applications above can also serve as (almost) end-to-end testing.

In addition, we have a Android-based weight application running on a Samsung tablet that allows you to enter your weight as a tele observation and upload it to the server. It also allows reviewing the uploaded weights. The source code is available by contacting the Net4Care team at dev at net4care dot org.